Hello world!

Hello & welcome to my blog,

this is my very first time blogging. I don’t have a clue what I am going to talk to you about or even if you will be interested in what I have to say.

If you have read my “About Me” page then you will definitely know the basics. I hope you have got an idea of what sort of person I am from that if you didn’t fall asleep when you where reading and start to have nightmares lol.

I was searching around on Google a few weeks ago, for some ideas on how to promote my website for free or even cheap ways of promoting it. When I came across a site called the “crafts forum”, I hadn’t ever really signed up to anywhere like this before, but I went to take a peek. My experience when I have looked at places like this before is that people post questions for help and mostly end up not getting any replies or their questions answered.

I found lots of different sections to choose from to browse through, groups to join & places to get your website reviewed. I decided to join; I joined a couple of groups & read through some posts. I have got to say there are some real good posts, ideas on how to promote your site, about attending craft fairs & lists of fairs in your area.

There is also a section to introduce yourself to the group & although it was a few weeks until I did introduce myself I did mention that I wanted to start a blog & attempt a craft fair. Well I got chatting with a few people and I checked out a few of their blogs. I found a wonderful lady on there who makes stained glass effect window clings (my explanation not hers). She is so funny I found myself sat reading her posts giggling out loud, if you could’ve seen me you would of sent for the yellow van I am sure. Anyway don’t take my word for it go check her out and have a look for yourself. I just love the picture she has posted that a customer sent her. It is a stained glass cling she made for the customer and she has sent a photo of it in place on a front door window (you can see it for yourself here). I think it is amazing you wouldn’t know it is a sticker at all.

Anyway I am blaming her for me being here cause I guess she gave me the push I needed (her name is Ali by the way). I am going to blame her if this doesn’t work out lol (sorry Ali ha ha). I am sure it will be fine though I just need to get some visitors now so follow me & make my day.

Speak to you all again soon, need to get some work done today. Do leave me some comments I would love to hear what you think.


Dale x.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging & thank you for the lovely comments about my blog! (Must try to post more to mine now!!!)

    Not sure about taking the blame but I’m sure you are going to love it anyway so I won’t be worried about having to keep looking over my shoulder ‘cos you’ve sent the ‘boys’ round!

    Ali x

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